Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Late than Never

Wow what an amazing month April has been. We had a wonderful family vacation in California, met Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and the princesses. This was a great time we had some tired kids but it was totally worth it. Each of the girls added a new American Girl Doll to their collection Danny added some new Lego's from Lego land which was wonderful. Everyone came home with a souvenir.

This month for business has been great. This business is definitely growing and I am pushing that snowball trying to talk with people about this exciting opportunity and about the wonderful products that they can use. Who doesn't want to look good? We only have a few more days left of our spring break special which has been giving people amazing results. Coming as of May 1 we are introducing our new body line. I am so excited to learn about this. This will give us more leverage for our business and give customers more options to choose from.

I am always looking for dynamic people to help me in building this business, whether you are looking for a part-time gig or if you are looking give heart and soul I have a spot for you. Maybe you are interested in products only, I love customers as well this is what makes this business run. I also have a referral program so when you are out talking with people keep my name in mind.

If you aren't using a skin care regimen now, I challenge you to go to my website enroll in PC Perks and start one today. PC Perks will save you money! Take the 60 day challenge. If you aren't seeing results in 60 send back your products and get 100% money back guarantee. What other product can you do that with?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Mickey You're so fine

Well month end is upon me and I am trying to figure out which way is top from bottom. I have booked myself solid. We are leaving for Disneyland in 2 days, I have 2 kids packed and 1 to go as well as myself. I also have a gal coming to my house today for 4 hours to organize a playroom for our family. I am not sure but for some reason I felt like I could squeeze one more thing in this week. This involved moving all the toys to the "playroom" and moving my stuff to side shelves, buying a table cloth and a curtain. I don't think the curtain is going to happen. Oh by the way I am volunteering in my daughter's class today, and lets not forget that it is a half day allowing me to get only half my to do list done.

With my list that goes on and on I feel like this month was descent I grew in my business but still needing to grow more I would like to double my volume. We have some family decisions to make and growing my business would really help. I also want to make a to do list and stick to it, putting everything on that to do list business and personal. Everything from laundry to phone calls. I often find myself in front of the computer "working" and not accomplishing anything. I need to make better use of my time. I over schedule then I get stuck and can't move then it is a fire and I am running around trying to squeeze it all in. Just like I still need to go get that table cloth by 2:00 today instead of doing it over the weekend. Wish me luck!

I am excited about my business and we are coming out with a new foaming sunless tanner. This was leaked in the Allure magazine how awesome is that! This will be great at least now there will be an option besides sitting in front of the sun and damaging your skin. We have a few other products coming out as well that will be awesome I am super excited and I look forward to moving to the next level. Get this bus movin'!

Don't forget keep your feet on the ground and your head above water. Contact me for the best skin or your life along with an amazing journey!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Inspiration

Okay so most people when they work out have some great upbeat song on their Ipod I have old lousy songs mixed in with my book, Success by Zig Ziggler. I will often be running to the beat of an old song Madonna's good 'ol "Like a Virgin" when all of a sudden a man's voice comes through the Ipod and I am taken back to sitting in live recording of my book. This isn't so bad I struggle with reading. I really like it, I love the idea, I like to buy books but i just can't ever finish a book. I struggle. I tell my husband make sure at my eulogy you say how much I loved to read, the ones that chuckle will be the ones that really knew me and knew I had high hopes of reading but so far haven't made it.

Today when Zig came on he told a story I thought was rather amusing. He was at the airport and saw a gal who looked familiar. He leaned over to her and said "you look like Helen White." Her response was "you don't look so great yourself." Anyway, I got a kick out of that and the lesson was how we say things and our fluctuations in our voice. He later used the example of a child parent conversation. The sentence of "you don't want to mow the lawn." Depending on where you put the fluctuation in your voice this statement can be said several different ways. Try it: YOU don't want to mow the lawn! You don't want to mow the lawn? You DON'T want to mow the lawn. You see it is the same statement but can be taken several different ways.

Just a little food for thought for you! Until next time keep showing those teeth and smilin'

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh No You Didn't!

Okay so it has been awhile but I have had great intentions. Isn't the road of good intentions paved with gold? Actually I am pretty sure they say better late than never. Well February was a blast I had another business partner join me and a great friend Stacey. I am looking to expand I have a couple on the fence which I am pretty sure the fence is going to fall over any minute. February was my best month yet and I have big goals for March.

A couple things to update you about. For those men out there that care about their skin well don't be afraid to tell them that Rodan and Fields is for them also. Check out the link attached it is a youtube clip promoting real men take care of their skin and use Rodan and Fields.

One other thing this is a little crazy but I am actually in Vancouver, WA updating this blog little different scenery than Spokane, WA. I came to visit my friend and I am hoping to meet with some peeps down here and then later hit the zoo! Do you know anyone that is in the Vancouver/Portland area? Maybe they are interested in making a few bucks, maybe interested in having great skin? Or maybe they know someone. I do love referrals and they are always appreciated.

Did I tell you we are having a Spring Break special check out the attacfile:///Users/Ann/Desktop/safe_image.php.jpeghed picture

Promotion: Oh Yeah I promoted to Level 1! So... it goes Consultant, Executive Consultant, then level 1 hopefully I can get to level 2 that would be so awesome.

Okay hang tight I'll keep you posted

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time flies When your having fun

Holy smokes! Today was a crazy day. Up and out the door by 9 I first dropped off my 2 kids +one then off to another school dropped off another +one, then off to the YMCA. I got there in record timing and realized I needed to sprint on the treadmill if I was hoping to get in the 3 miles I was looking for in. So, off and running then I came to a screeching halt grabbed Danny from childcare and threw him into the pool for swim lessons. I quickly changed jumped in the pool as well swam for a third of a mile then out and watched Danny finish his lesson. My plan for the day was a good work out come home pick up the house and then off to the Rocket Bakery to do some work.

Well, I got home and I was just about to jump in the shower when the doorbell rings. It is my father-in-law. He arrived 30 minutes early to watch my son. So no shower, pull my hair back throw on some clothes and out the door I go. Of course before getting my work done I have to go back to the Y because I had left Danny's coat in the locker and had to drop off my ballots at the library that had been sitting there for 2 weeks ready to go but of course today is the deadline. While at the library I thought I would recheck out the Shreck DVD that we checked out 2 weeks ago but never got the DVD and of course with every intention of going back to get it but now it was due. I went inside asked to renew it and get the DVD but of course there is a hold on it so I have to return it. Maybe the kids won't notice. Finally, I get that done and I am feeling okay about how this day just might turn out. I was feeling a little overwhelmed but I drove onto the Rocket Bakery and notice all these people sitting at the tables looking at me eating cake and 1 person standing up facing them. I tried to quietly look around and then I notice they are having a going away party for one of the workers. I felt a little bit like an intruder, I went to a table in the corner went to the counter to order and I didn't see anyone I thought the girl is having her party should I wait? Should I go to my table? I didn't want to be rude, thankfully someone else appeared and took my order. Then I see a couple gals I recognize chat for a few then off to work. I had a list of contacts to make and I felt good when I left. I had set 2 appointments, several messages and of course another to do list for tomorrow. Overall stressful but good. All in all a good day

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am growing a team

Can I say how excited I am. I have had 2 people and dear friends join my team in these last 2 weeks. This snow ball I have been pushing up hill is starting to gain a little momentum. January was a record month for me and now I'll break January with February! I am planning to travel to Seattle this month and help my business partner Stacey launch her visit and I hope to meet some others while I am there. I am hoping to get Angie my other dear friend and business partner up and running soon. Giddy up girls let's go get 'em.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Road Trip

Oh Man I had a great trip to Bozeman Montana but a quick one. We left Friday morning and got back Saturday night. I went with 8 other peeps on an R+F event. Two of our upline leaders received Lexus' and then we had some great training from 3 level 5 leaders and the President of our company Lori Bush. This was a truly inspiring weekend. I realize that my fear has been holding me back. I am over thinking and it paralyzes me in my success. I think I'll try and set some goals for the week.

* Call 15 or meet new people
* Be on training call or listen to the replay
* Be positive about my business and don't over think it
* Don't let my fears of what people think get in my way. (this one will be big but once I get on a roll I'll be alright)
*stay motivated be around positive people and energy.

Okay I think that is plenty, remember I just got back from great training and still all ramped up! I'll report later in the week how I am doing. I do have a coffee appt set already for Monday hope it goes well.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off and Running

I am a mother of 3, wife of 1, independent consultant with Rodan and Fields, taxi cab driver, nurse, doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, friend, sister, house cleaner (really bad one), baker, cook, story teller, camp fire leader, cheer coach, soccer coach, runner, swimmer, biker, and an accountant just to list a few. I am often referred to as a Jane of all trades. Growing up I roofed houses, installed sprinkler systems. In high school I mastered the grill and the art of making sandwiches at Wendy's where I met my one and only at the Frosty station. I remember he was so hot, he had his hair feathered back and his long hair tucked up into his hat, both ears pierced. Man was he something else. After graduating from Washington State University I moved into retail management, then banking, then loans, next healthcare. Recently my Rodan and Fields business has taken off and I have left the hospital and started working this as my main job. I love it, I work when I want and don't forget I have the greatest boss ever....oh, that's right it's me!

Today I sit at the Rocket Bakery trying to figure out how will I conquer the world. I swam this morning and durning my swim all I could think about was what will my blog name be... well, after polling several people and names ranging from ann penfield, ordinary girl, plane Jane, life changer, I decided on "Once Upon a Wrinkle. In my two hours I have been here I have started one blog and closed it to open another. I have decided this one will be it and I'll update it weekly if not more. I am hoping to blog about my goals, fears, business plans, and everything else between here and the sun. So, stay tuned.