Sunday, January 30, 2011

Road Trip

Oh Man I had a great trip to Bozeman Montana but a quick one. We left Friday morning and got back Saturday night. I went with 8 other peeps on an R+F event. Two of our upline leaders received Lexus' and then we had some great training from 3 level 5 leaders and the President of our company Lori Bush. This was a truly inspiring weekend. I realize that my fear has been holding me back. I am over thinking and it paralyzes me in my success. I think I'll try and set some goals for the week.

* Call 15 or meet new people
* Be on training call or listen to the replay
* Be positive about my business and don't over think it
* Don't let my fears of what people think get in my way. (this one will be big but once I get on a roll I'll be alright)
*stay motivated be around positive people and energy.

Okay I think that is plenty, remember I just got back from great training and still all ramped up! I'll report later in the week how I am doing. I do have a coffee appt set already for Monday hope it goes well.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off and Running

I am a mother of 3, wife of 1, independent consultant with Rodan and Fields, taxi cab driver, nurse, doctor, psychiatrist, counselor, friend, sister, house cleaner (really bad one), baker, cook, story teller, camp fire leader, cheer coach, soccer coach, runner, swimmer, biker, and an accountant just to list a few. I am often referred to as a Jane of all trades. Growing up I roofed houses, installed sprinkler systems. In high school I mastered the grill and the art of making sandwiches at Wendy's where I met my one and only at the Frosty station. I remember he was so hot, he had his hair feathered back and his long hair tucked up into his hat, both ears pierced. Man was he something else. After graduating from Washington State University I moved into retail management, then banking, then loans, next healthcare. Recently my Rodan and Fields business has taken off and I have left the hospital and started working this as my main job. I love it, I work when I want and don't forget I have the greatest boss ever....oh, that's right it's me!

Today I sit at the Rocket Bakery trying to figure out how will I conquer the world. I swam this morning and durning my swim all I could think about was what will my blog name be... well, after polling several people and names ranging from ann penfield, ordinary girl, plane Jane, life changer, I decided on "Once Upon a Wrinkle. In my two hours I have been here I have started one blog and closed it to open another. I have decided this one will be it and I'll update it weekly if not more. I am hoping to blog about my goals, fears, business plans, and everything else between here and the sun. So, stay tuned.