Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Inspiration

Okay so most people when they work out have some great upbeat song on their Ipod I have old lousy songs mixed in with my book, Success by Zig Ziggler. I will often be running to the beat of an old song Madonna's good 'ol "Like a Virgin" when all of a sudden a man's voice comes through the Ipod and I am taken back to sitting in live recording of my book. This isn't so bad I struggle with reading. I really like it, I love the idea, I like to buy books but i just can't ever finish a book. I struggle. I tell my husband make sure at my eulogy you say how much I loved to read, the ones that chuckle will be the ones that really knew me and knew I had high hopes of reading but so far haven't made it.

Today when Zig came on he told a story I thought was rather amusing. He was at the airport and saw a gal who looked familiar. He leaned over to her and said "you look like Helen White." Her response was "you don't look so great yourself." Anyway, I got a kick out of that and the lesson was how we say things and our fluctuations in our voice. He later used the example of a child parent conversation. The sentence of "you don't want to mow the lawn." Depending on where you put the fluctuation in your voice this statement can be said several different ways. Try it: YOU don't want to mow the lawn! You don't want to mow the lawn? You DON'T want to mow the lawn. You see it is the same statement but can be taken several different ways.

Just a little food for thought for you! Until next time keep showing those teeth and smilin'

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