Sunday, January 30, 2011

Road Trip

Oh Man I had a great trip to Bozeman Montana but a quick one. We left Friday morning and got back Saturday night. I went with 8 other peeps on an R+F event. Two of our upline leaders received Lexus' and then we had some great training from 3 level 5 leaders and the President of our company Lori Bush. This was a truly inspiring weekend. I realize that my fear has been holding me back. I am over thinking and it paralyzes me in my success. I think I'll try and set some goals for the week.

* Call 15 or meet new people
* Be on training call or listen to the replay
* Be positive about my business and don't over think it
* Don't let my fears of what people think get in my way. (this one will be big but once I get on a roll I'll be alright)
*stay motivated be around positive people and energy.

Okay I think that is plenty, remember I just got back from great training and still all ramped up! I'll report later in the week how I am doing. I do have a coffee appt set already for Monday hope it goes well.

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