Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh No You Didn't!

Okay so it has been awhile but I have had great intentions. Isn't the road of good intentions paved with gold? Actually I am pretty sure they say better late than never. Well February was a blast I had another business partner join me and a great friend Stacey. I am looking to expand I have a couple on the fence which I am pretty sure the fence is going to fall over any minute. February was my best month yet and I have big goals for March.

A couple things to update you about. For those men out there that care about their skin well don't be afraid to tell them that Rodan and Fields is for them also. Check out the link attached it is a youtube clip promoting real men take care of their skin and use Rodan and Fields.

One other thing this is a little crazy but I am actually in Vancouver, WA updating this blog little different scenery than Spokane, WA. I came to visit my friend and I am hoping to meet with some peeps down here and then later hit the zoo! Do you know anyone that is in the Vancouver/Portland area? Maybe they are interested in making a few bucks, maybe interested in having great skin? Or maybe they know someone. I do love referrals and they are always appreciated.

Did I tell you we are having a Spring Break special check out the attacfile:///Users/Ann/Desktop/safe_image.php.jpeghed picture

Promotion: Oh Yeah I promoted to Level 1! So... it goes Consultant, Executive Consultant, then level 1 hopefully I can get to level 2 that would be so awesome.

Okay hang tight I'll keep you posted

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