Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time flies When your having fun

Holy smokes! Today was a crazy day. Up and out the door by 9 I first dropped off my 2 kids +one then off to another school dropped off another +one, then off to the YMCA. I got there in record timing and realized I needed to sprint on the treadmill if I was hoping to get in the 3 miles I was looking for in. So, off and running then I came to a screeching halt grabbed Danny from childcare and threw him into the pool for swim lessons. I quickly changed jumped in the pool as well swam for a third of a mile then out and watched Danny finish his lesson. My plan for the day was a good work out come home pick up the house and then off to the Rocket Bakery to do some work.

Well, I got home and I was just about to jump in the shower when the doorbell rings. It is my father-in-law. He arrived 30 minutes early to watch my son. So no shower, pull my hair back throw on some clothes and out the door I go. Of course before getting my work done I have to go back to the Y because I had left Danny's coat in the locker and had to drop off my ballots at the library that had been sitting there for 2 weeks ready to go but of course today is the deadline. While at the library I thought I would recheck out the Shreck DVD that we checked out 2 weeks ago but never got the DVD and of course with every intention of going back to get it but now it was due. I went inside asked to renew it and get the DVD but of course there is a hold on it so I have to return it. Maybe the kids won't notice. Finally, I get that done and I am feeling okay about how this day just might turn out. I was feeling a little overwhelmed but I drove onto the Rocket Bakery and notice all these people sitting at the tables looking at me eating cake and 1 person standing up facing them. I tried to quietly look around and then I notice they are having a going away party for one of the workers. I felt a little bit like an intruder, I went to a table in the corner went to the counter to order and I didn't see anyone I thought the girl is having her party should I wait? Should I go to my table? I didn't want to be rude, thankfully someone else appeared and took my order. Then I see a couple gals I recognize chat for a few then off to work. I had a list of contacts to make and I felt good when I left. I had set 2 appointments, several messages and of course another to do list for tomorrow. Overall stressful but good. All in all a good day

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am growing a team

Can I say how excited I am. I have had 2 people and dear friends join my team in these last 2 weeks. This snow ball I have been pushing up hill is starting to gain a little momentum. January was a record month for me and now I'll break January with February! I am planning to travel to Seattle this month and help my business partner Stacey launch her visit and I hope to meet some others while I am there. I am hoping to get Angie my other dear friend and business partner up and running soon. Giddy up girls let's go get 'em.